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Are you faced with a critical Inflection Point in your business RIGHT NOW?

We can safeguard your business from a master disaster

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Unlock Exponential Growth Dominate Your Market with Our 4-Stage

Inflection Point Solution

Equip yourself with the tools and insights needed to confidently navigate the most crucial moments in your business's journey. With our Pivotal Path to Inflection Point Solutions, you'll be poised to seize opportunities, overcome challenges, and achieve unparalleled success.

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We'll help you discover what's holding your business back from unprecedented growth -- and some steps you can take now to help you get there! 

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Let us
help you design the roadmap for the future of your business.

Our signature program, The Pivotal Path to Inflection Point Solutions will elevate your business through the most challenging points of inflection.

Graphic of a person staring at three puzzle pieces with one missing that represents an inflection point obstacle.

Stage 1 - Uncover Inflection Point Obstacles

Identify current paradigms preventing you from being an inflection point strategist.

Graphic image of a person carrying a puzzle piece under their arm and a giant puzzle piece missing from the wall in front of them representing how they are changing their mindset in the face of inflection point issues.

Stage 2 - Embrace the Inflection Point Mindset

Revamp your perspective with tools to drive a successful approach.

Graphic of a game board with red and teal squares. There are people standing in random squares around the board representing how the game plan will be architected for the inflection point situation.

Stage 3  - Architect the Game Plan

The process to turn acute inflection point situations into opportunities

Graphic of six spheres connected with lines. Random silhouettes are stading in and around the spheres representing how a transformation visionary connects the dots.

Stage 4 - Inflection Point Leadership Brilliance

Use the inflection point methodology to create transformational visionaries.


Meet Ann Humes, Chief Solutioneer at Inflection Point Business

"I’m committed to helping business leaders and owners avert master disasters. I’ve worked in various roles from Fortune 50 companies like Microsoft and IBM, to startups and everything in between. I created the Inflection Point Business and Pivotal Path methodology to help business owners to harness the inertia from inflection points to bounce higher!"

Photo of a business woman with glasses

Nicole L. - VP of HR

What differentiates Ann from other coaches is her ability to empathetically listen to her clients without judgement, thus forming deep and trusting relationships. She asks the right question at the right time which leads to deep insight. She challenges and supports her clients to achieve their goals.


Coming in 2024! The Pivotal Path to Inflection Point Solutions. Your guide to navigating critical changes in your business.

Image of the book The Pivotal Path to Inflection Point Solutions published by Ann Humes.


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Light up your next team meeting.

Book our powerful keynotes, seminars or workshops.

Team Meeting

Inflection Point Keynote

Energize your team to look for the inflection points impacting your business. Create challenges to light up their competitive side and watch the magic happen!

 Young Woman Contemplating

Impostor Syndrome Override

Don't let your team become frozen with impostor syndrome. This workshop provides practical tips on how to move past these inhibiting thoughts to boldly take action.

Woman holding phone and looking at it

Customer Service Superpower

This  engaging workshop is designed to create self-awareness in challenging situations. Learn to leverage your innate strengths while discovering hidden talents to stay calm.

Woman Speaking at Seminar

Tell Your Story Like a Boss

Uplevel your brand with storytelling. In this workshop, you'll learn how to craft your personal narrative to efficiently share with others who you are. 

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