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Team building and coaching

As a 20+ year veteran of Fortune 50 companies, I know what a high functioning team can do! As a business coach and Organization Effectiveness consultant, I create customized programs to support your team and goals. Cutting out the noise, reducing friction, and building trust are the pillars of a strong team. I can help you achieve a productive and happy team that works together seamlessly. 

Single or multi-day workshops

Customized to meet the needs and goals of your team, these workshops foster trust through shared vision and collaboration. 

Change coaching

This type of coaching is specifically designed to support organizations though major changes. A hybrid of workshops and individual coaching, this targeted approach to managing through change gets teams back to optimal productivity fast!

1:1 Coaching

I work with individuals on the team to foster improved self-awareness and clarity around behaviors that get in the way of trust. 

Emerging leaders

There may be individuals on the team who demonstrate leadership skills but need additional support to achieve this potential. Working with a leadership coach can foster awareness and leadership development. 

Set up a session with Ann to start building your team program.

What My Clients Say

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M.L. - Director of Communications

You've been an important piece of our puzzle, especially while the team went through several changes. I benefitted from your expertise. You have so many qualities that make you a great teammate, but first and foremost is your fearlessness. 

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